COMMEMORATIVE ART WORK unveiled in Greenbank Park

Undeterred by the  drizzly weather, a crowd of people joined us at midday in the beautiful walled garden at Greenbank Park of the unveiling of the commemorative artwork .

Designed and created by Lulu Quinn, the lettering will take on a reddish patina as it oxidises over the coming weeks.


Entrance wall:

‘the overmastering desire of all these poor victims is to find some place where they can be allowed to settle down, to feel at home, to live the remnant of their wrecked lives in peace and safety.’     Eleanor Rathbone 1945


Central wall: 

‘the struggle for the right to become politicians in itself made women into politicians’ Eleanor Rathbone 1936

Curved section: 

‘the whole business of begetting, bearing and rearing children, is the most essential of all the nation’s businesses.’ Eleanor Rathbone, 1924,  from The Disinherited Family.


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