Artwork created by people using the PSS Wellbeing Centre in Liverpool


In 1919 Eleanor Rathbone co-founded the Liverpool Personal Service Society (PSS), now called Person Shaped Support. This exhibition has been created by the people who use PSS Wellbeing Centres, and it is a celebration of the many causes that Eleanor championed. Artist Sue White led the sessions at the three centres and taught the groups how to use art journaling techniques to create layered and colourful pictures, each representing a different aspect of Eleanor’s work. Some chose to focus on her campaigning for women’s rights, some chose to focus on her compassion towards refuges. Others chose to focus on her continuing legacy with PSS and the help and support that they receive from the Wellbeing Centres.  All who participated in the exhibition agreed that Eleanor’s contribution to society was invaluable and everyone was keen to bring awareness to the all too often overlooked philanthropist.



image1 (3).JPG


image2 (2).JPG


PSS, Wellbeing Centres.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:
Umbrella Centre, Mount Pleasant,
Liverpool L3 5TF
T 0151 708 0415
F 0151 708 8056

Thurday and Friday:
Avenue Project, Lee Valley Millennium Centre,
Liverpool L25 2PR
T 0151 487 9111

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