The Eleanor Rathbone Memorial Lectures


The Eleanor Rathbone Memorial Trust was established in 1948 to

administer funds subscribed by friends and admirers of the late Miss

Eleanor Rathbone (1872· 1946) to perpetuate the memory of one of the

outstanding English women of her generation, whose life was devoted

to the defence of freedom and to the economic and social betterment of 

men and women of all nations. Amongst the objects of the Trust is the

provision of Eleanor Rathbone Memorial Lectures (ERML) on subjects with which

her name was particularly associated. The Lectures are normally to be

given in Somerville College, Oxford, where she was a student (from 1893 to

1896), or in one of the Universities (Birmingham, Bristol. Durham,

Leeds. Liverpool. Manchester. Reading and Sheffield) which she

represented as an Independent Member in the House of Commons from

1929 to 1946.


The 1st ERML, ‘Fear as a Deterrent’ , Miss Margery Fry,  17 December 1948, Somerville College, Oxford 

The 2nd ERML, ‘Freer Migration and Western Security’ Sir Norman Angell,  3 Nov 1950, Caxton Hall, Westminster. 

The 3rd ERML, ‘The Philanthropist in a Changing World‘, Mrs J.L. Stocks (Later Baroness Stocks), 1952.

The 3rd ERML, ‘Population Trends and the Social Services’, the Rt. Hon. Hugh Gaitskell, 13 November 1953,Somerville College, Oxford .

The 4th ERML, ‘The Good Citizen‘ (an overview of the life and career of Eleanor Rathbone), the Rt. Hon.The Viscount Samuel, 11 October 1954, Manchester University,

The 5th ERML, ‘The Social Division of Labour‘, Professor Richard Morris Titmuss,  1955.

The 6th ERML, ‘The History of our Time‘,  Professor Karl Popper, University of Bristol , 12 October 1956.

The 8th ERML, ‘Natural Science and Social Science‘, Sir Alexander  Carr-Saunders , 1957.

The 9th ERML, ‘The Equality of Women‘,  the Rt. Hon The Lord Denning,  1959.

The 10th ERML, ‘Penal Reform and Research’ , the Rt. Hon. R.A. Butler, 1960.

The 11th ERML, ‘Remuneration in a Welfare State’,  Baroness Wootton of Abinger (Barbara Wootton), 1961.

The 12th ERML,’The Disinherited Prisoner‘, was delivered by Richard Duncan Fairn in 1962.

The 13th ERML, ‘The Economic Rights of Women‘, Frederick Le Gros Clark, 1963.

The 14th ERML, ‘Social Purpose and Social Science‘ , Professor T.S Simey (later Lord Simey of Toxteth), 1963.

The 15th ERML, ‘The Changing Pattern of Women’s Employment’ , Professor Lady  Williams, 1964.

The 16th ERML, ‘Philosophy and Politics, Professor Alfred Jules Ayer, 1965.

The 17th ERML, ‘ Higher Education in the Stationary State‘, Professor John Vaizey,1966. 

The 18th ERML,’The Family, Law and Public Opinion‘, Mrs Jean Floud, 1967.

The 19th ERML, ‘Race Relations and Education‘, the Rt.Hon. Sir Edward Boyle (later Lord Boyle of Handsworth) , 1970.

 The 20th ERML,’The Politics of Pensions‘, the Rt.Hon. Richard H.Crossman, 14 May 1971, University of Sheffield.

The 21st ERML, ‘Freedom and Order in a Liberal Society‘, Shirley Williams (later Baroness Williams of Crosby), 1972.

The 22nd  ERML, ‘Blindness in Malnourished Children‘,  Dr Antoinette Pirie,  7 March 1974, Somerville College, Oxford.

The 23rd ERML, ‘Inequality, Hope, and Progress‘, Dr Ralph Dahrendorf , 24 February 1976, University of Manchester.

The  24th ERML, ‘The Changing Face of Juvenile Justice ‘ ,  Professor Winifred E. Cavenagh , 25 November 1976,  University of Birmingham. 

The 25th ERML, Mothers and Children : Towards a Re-inherited Society’the Rt.Hon. David Ennals (later Lord Ennals), 27 January 1978,  University of Bristol.

The 26th ERML, ‘ The Family Wage‘ , Hilary Land, 12 November 1979,  University of Leeds,

The 27th ERML , ‘The Realities of a Caring Community‘ , Professor Olive Stevenson, 4 November 1980, University of Reading.

The 28th ERML, Marriage, Parenthood and Social Policy‘, Professor Brian Abel-Smith , 18 March 1982, University of Sheffield.

The 29th ERML, ‘Nuclear Weapons and the Preservation of Peace‘, Professor M.E. Howard, 17 May 1983, University of Liverpool.

The 30th ERML, Equal Opportunities for Women, Men and Children‘, the Rt.Hon The Baroness Lucy Faithfull, 1 March 1984, Somerville College, Oxford. 

The 31st ERML, ‘The Social Responsibility of the Broadcasting Media‘, Dame Mary Warnock (later Baroness Warnock),   1985

The 32nd ERML, ‘The Credit Society: It’s Benefits and Burdens‘, Sir Gordon Borrie (later the Rt.Hon Lord Borrie) , 1986

The 33rd ERML, ‘The Future of Pension Schemes’ ,delivered by John Kay, on 20 January 1987 at the University of Bristol.

The 34th ERML, ‘Advising Governments‘, the Rt.Hon The Baroness Blackstone, 24 June 1988, University of Durham.

The 35th ERML, ‘The Female Citizen’,  Professor Ruth Lister on 6 March 1989, University of Leeds.

The 36th ERML, Hard Times : the Prospects for European Social Policy‘, Professor Peter Townsend, 4 March 1991,  University of Sheffield.

The 37th ERML, ‘Difficult Places : Some Reflections on the Future Relationship with the Former Soviet Union‘, the Rt.Hon The Baroness Park of Monmouth, 6 November 1992, University of Liverpool .

The 38th ERML, `The Tradition of Non-Racism in South Africa’, Professor Shula Marks, 8 March 1994, Somerville College, Oxford.

The 39th ERML, ‘The Management of Economic Policy‘, Sir Terence Burns (later the Rt.Hon Lord Burns), 28 March 1995, University of Manchester.

The 40th ERML, ‘Family Allowances, Technical Change, Inequality and Social Policy‘, Professor Christopher Freeman, March 1996, University of Birmingham.

The  41st ERML, ‘Rights, Obligations and the Reform of the Welfare State‘, the Rt Hon Lord Plant of Highfield, 1997.

The 42nd. ERML,’Eleanor Rathbone and her Combined English Universities Constituency’, the Rt Hon Lord Jenkins of Hillhead, 1998.

The 43rd ERML, ‘Including and Excluding Families: Shifting Constructions of Race, Class, Gender and Age‘, Dr Ann Phoenix, 2000.

The  44th ERML, ‘Society, Technology and the Knowledge Economy‘, Professor Sir Howard Newby, March 2001, University of Sheffield.

The 45th ERML, ‘The Disinherited Family Now‘, Dame Margaret Booth, 2002.

The 46th ERML, ‘Eleanor Rathbone and the Democratic Faith‘, Professor Susan Pedersen, 20 November 2003 , Somerville College, Oxford. 


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